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When talking about the highly-efficient cars, the first name that comes to the mind is Renault. Established almost 120 years ago in France, the company also produces vans apart from the traditional cars. Over the years, they have also manufactured tractors, trucks, buses, which usually require a powerful battery to offer their services. So, if you want to know more on the aspect of Renault car battery price, you can visit our website. We will be able to offer you each and every data that you need for your Renault car battery.

When talking about the car batteries for Renault cars, you will be able to find many compatible options in the market. However, if you want to choose the budget options, then you would have to buy Amaron, Exide, SF Sonic car battery for Renault. On our website, we offer even more discount on these batteries. So, if you want to save your pocket, then do not forget to opt for us.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do you mean by Pro-rata warranty?

    Pro-rata is a partial warranty that is applied to non-repairable products like tires and batteries. If the product falls under pro-rata warranty then, in case of any damage, a partial price is needed to be paid and not the full amount. In case of replacement, the replaced product comes under the equal new warranty period, e.g. if your battery falls under pro-rata warranty period then, you will get a discount on the current price ofthe newly replaced battery, but all of it depends on the value of your battery. The pro-rata warranty starts from the date of purchase, e.g. if your battery has 24+24 (free of cost + pro-rata) and it fails in the 12th month then, 25% of your warranty period is over which will further be deducted from the value of the current price of the battery at that point of time. It will give you 75% discount on the MRP of the newly replaced battery.

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