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Everything you need to know about car batteries

The battery is the heart of any engine, whether it is a car or any other appliances or machines because without any proper working engine it is impossible to do any work. So, the battery is the source of energy or you can say the chemical reactions which are responsible for the work and work progress happen in the battery of any engine. If you are looking for an effective car battery at an affordable price range, My Battery Shop is considered as the perfect solution for you.

There are so many different types of batteries available in the market and depending upon the brands the features and functions of the battery will change, so it is important to go through proper content or have some expert advice before you buy a new battery for your car. We are providing you the scope of purchasing car battery from different online battery store in Delhi.

Advantages of car batteries from My Battery Shop

My Battery Shop is considered as one of the best online car battery shops in India. We are offering you the scope of gathering knowledge about the latest car batteries that emerge in the market. Besides this, My Battery Shop is referred to as the user-friendly online battery shop. We are providing batteries of different upgraded car batteries that you get at high prices in regular battery stores at the market. But we are offering attractive discounts on premium batteries that will not only help you to save your money but also help you to protect your engine from severe damage.

Types of car batteries provided by My Battery Shop

Is it a good choice to examine the quality of different car batteries before investing money in it? My Battery Shop will provide you the scope of judging the quality of any battery by keeping an eye on different reviews provided by our clients. There are different types of batteries present our website and all you need to do is to scroll our website and select any car battery of your choice.

* Starting, lighting and ignition batteries:

Starting, lighting, and ignition batteries are kinds of types of automotive batteries and these not only help the engine to start but also the other function of the car is controlled by these batteries such as the lighting functions, ignition function, radio and so on. These batteries have also the power to get charge within a short interval of time and also supply energy to the system within a short period.

*Deep cycle batteries:

Deep cycle batteries deliver energy to the whole system within a longer time than the SLI batteries and also they control and provide energy to the whole system of the car. These batteries are appropriate for the marine vehicles and golf carts because those provide sustainable energy throughout the system within a long interval of time.

*Valve regulated lead-acid batteries:

These batteries do not need any maintenance so you don’t need to put water into the battery cells regularly or frequently, but that also a fact that these batteries can’t work in most of the cases so you need to replace the batteries after a certain time. The batteries are sealed so there is no worry about spilling if these get inverted, so it is a great advantage for any user.

*Wet cell or flooded batteries:

The name implies major information about the batteries because those have a liquid which is the combination of sulphuric acid, lead and water, and these three elements are divided into a certain ratio and that makes the batteries electrolyte. These batteries offer the customer a less life battery life span and regular maintenance but these batteries are also less expensive than other car batteries in the market.

*Lithium-ion batteries:

To keep running with the exceeding numbers of vehicles on the road lithium-ion batteries are appropriate for that because those have the power to store the maximum amount of energy to keep running the whole system appropriately. But the major limitation of these batteries is the short life span so after a certain period, the batteries need to replace.

From the upper content, it is clear that a car battery is the main soul of the car, so the first thing you need to do before selecting a battery for your car is making some analysis over all the features of that specific car battery which you are going to buy. Without knowing the features of the battery there is no sense to use the battery for your car. Every brand of the car battery has some different features and according to these features, the brands are making and launching different types of cars in the market. So in order to get the best quality car battery, you need to consult our website and buy online car battery at a minimum price. So hurry and grab your phone to order your favorite battery.

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