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Sukam SIG Power Bank (150Ah)


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  • Capacity : 150 Ah
  • Type : Tubular Battery

Su-Kam is very well-known in all the major cities in India. The latest technology of the batteries of this company makes it long-lasting and power efficient. Su-Kam SIG Power Bank 150Ah is one of the best selling batteries of the Su-Kam. You can use this battery in many places including the offices, shops, households, and many other places. Before jumping to the in-depth information about the battery, visit our shop to know the Su-Kam SIG Power Bank 150Ah price. You can get many discounts on the price of the battery. Also, you can exchange your old batteries with the new batteries to get further discounts.  

This flat-type battery comes with the latest technology that helps to provide more power, than the average batteries. You can use it in any place in your home, office, and other places because the shape of this battery is very compact. Buy Su-Kam SIG Power Bank 150 online from our website to avail 24 months of warranty with 18 months of free of cost and rest with pro-rata. Our website also helps you to know the exact price of the battery throughout the different major cities in India. We also provide free delivery to your doorstep along with free installation.

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