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Su-Kam SIG (135Ah)


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  • Capacity : 135 Ah
  • Type : Tubular Battery

Su-Kam is a very reputed and one of the top brands among all the battery manufacturer brands. Su-Kam SIG 135Ah is one of the lowest capacity batteries of the SIG series. But the battery does not fail to provide a good backup and excellent overall performance. Visit our shop to know the Su-Kam battery 135Ah price. You will get many discounts on the price of the battery. The short container and compact height of the battery makes it easy to store them anywhere. There is no chance of a short circuit, as the battery comes with double separation of the plates.  

The option is also available to exchange the old batteries with new batteries to get a good discount on the price. The battery is very lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry around places. Extra thick plates of the battery help the power to stay long. Buy Su-Kam battery 135Ah online from our website to get a warranty up to 36 months. You will get superior performance from this battery with the help of pure lead oxide. Also, the coated valves of battery help to prevent any fume leakage. Buy it from us to get free shipping at home and free installations.

  • Double separation between plates has been done to prevent short circuit
  • Longer life is assured
  • It boasts of extended hours of power backup
  • This uses pure lead oxide for superior performance
  • Extra thick plates for constant power discharge have been used
  • It requires reasonably lesser amounts of power to charge

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