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Okaya SL300T (100Ah)


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  • Warranty : 42 Months (24 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata )
  • Capacity : 100 Ah
  • Type : Tubular Battery

Bringing home the Okaya SL300T battery 100Ah is beneficial as the battery serves you with an uninterrupted power supply for a longer period. It is one of the top-selling products of our website. Okaya never compromises with its composition. It avails of the advanced technology that makes it efficient in both performance and durability. Because of the tubular structure, the battery relishes a longer life expectancy. Okaya utilizes advanced technology and power materials to design the mentioned battery, which makes it sturdy. The best feature of the battery is its heat tolerance capacity. It can work well in extremely hot and humid temperatures. If you buy Okaya SL300T (100Ah) inverter battery online from us, you can cherish several appealing discounts.

The battery comes with an auto-reset mode. Therefore, any risk of meeting a sudden accident owing to overpower loading is reduced.  Regardless to mention, the product needs zero maintenance. Hence, much of your pennies concerning its maintenance are decreased. When you purchase the battery from our website, we deliver the product at your doorstep free of cost. Moreover, we serve you with an outstanding deal on the Okaya battery 100Ah price upon exchanging your old battery.

Features of Okaya SL300T (100Ah)

  • It has puncture resistant separators.
  • It has long battery life and thus give great performance
  • This battery consists of low antimony alloy.
  • This battery comes with double thickness plates.
  • Extended power back up and long life is the key feature

Specifications of Okaya SL300T (100Ah)

  • Capacity: 100 AH
  • Warranty: 48
  • Battery Type: Tubular

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