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LUMINOUS Red Charge - RC 18000ST


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  • Capacity : 150 Ah

Luminous Red Charge - RC 18000ST is a battery that is within the economical range. The capacity of the product is 150 Ah and uses tubular technology. You can Buy Luminous Red Charge - RC 18000ST (150Ah) Inverter Battery Online from us, and fully utilize the various beneficial features of this product. It is made by using low antimony alloy. This makes the product very easy to maintain and weighs about 42.3 kg. The battery also comes with robust tubular plates that make it all the more durable. The long-lasting nature of this battery is particularly appealing. It also has good overcharge tolerance.

The product also comes with an added feature of excellent cheat resilience, making it extremely suitable for areas prone to light outs. Its support UPS is 650 VA to 10KVA. You can check out the Luminous Battery 150Ah Price from our website. We offer free installation so that you do not have to worry about anything. You can either pay cash on delivery or avail the online option.

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