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Leader LSTJ1848 (150Ah)


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  • Warranty : 48 Months (24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rata )
  • Capacity : Battery-150Ah
  • Type : Tubular Battery

The batteries of Leaders are made for the long power cuts of India. They can withstand long and frequent power cuts smoothly for their latest technology. Leader LSTJ1848 (150Ah) is very famous in the rural places and villages of India. This battery comes with 150Ah, and it can give a long battery backup without any interruption. Leader LSJT1848 (150Ah) Price is very low compared to other batteries with 150Ah, you can visit our shop to check the price list. You can avail of many discounts on the price of the battery.

If you have an old battery, then you can also exchange it with us to get a good amount of discount, but the battery needs to be 150Ah. The hybrid alloy technology in the battery helps to lower the power consumption. This battery is very easy to move as the weight of the battery is 47kg only. The price varies in different cities across India, and you can check the price of each major city with the help of our website. Buy Leader LSJT1848 online from My Battery Shop to get a total warranty of 48 months including 24 months of free of cost and 24 months pro-rata.

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