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Leader Litt27060 (240 Ah)


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  • Capacity : 240 Ah
  • Type : Tall Tubular Battery

You can find many types of inverter batteries in the market. Most of them are mid-range and come with a medium capacity battery. However, if you are looking for a battery with increased capacity, then you can buy Leader LITT27060. This is one of the flagship batteries of Leader that comes with 240Ah of battery capacity and makes you stay in the light always. Despite having a high battery capacity of 240ah, Leader LIIT27060 (240Ah) price is lower compared to others. The battery comes with a hybrid alloy, which helps to prevent any type of corrosion.

The fast charge system of the battery helps you to get a lot of power in the outage with a very low time of charge. You can also see the floating indicators on the top of the battery that helps you to know the electrolyte level. Buy Leader LIIT27060 online from our website to get a lot of discounts and value-added services. Some of the common ones include free delivery, free installation, and online payment option. You can also exchange your old battery on our website to get a good discount. The weight of this battery is around 66.00kg and the size of the battery is very compact.

Tall Tabular Battery

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