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EXIDE INVA PLUS 1500 (150 ah)


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  • Capacity : 850 VA

Exide is known for producing new types of batteries every year. The types have changed with time and the latest technologies. And the “plus” products of Exide have always stood out from others. EXIDE INVA PLUS 1500 is no exception, this battery is known to be one of the most heavy-duty and power-efficient batteries of Exide. The plus stands for providing plus power capacity, plus power efficiency, plus durability, plus safety. Visit our shop to know the EXIDE INVA PLUS 1500 (150Ah) price. The exchange option is also available with old batteries to reduce the price of the new battery. 

This battery is very commonly used in those areas of India, where power cuts are frequent and very long and help people to live a life uninterrupted. You can know the exact price of the battery in all the major cities in India by visiting our website. It is a zero-maintenance and compact battery, which weight around 46kg.  You can also buy EXIDE INVA PLUS 1500 (150Ah) from online to get up to 48 years of warranty. Apart from that, get many other facilities such as free shipping, online payment option, and cash on delivery, free installation, and many others.

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