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Exide Inva Master IMTT 1500 (150Ah)


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  • Warranty : 36+24
  • Capacity : 150 Ah
  • Type : Tall Tubular Battery

Exide is very well recognized in all the small and big cities in India. As power cut is a common problem in many places, the most efficient and value for money batteries of Exide helps to live a life uninterrupted. Exide Inva Master Battery 150Ah is one of the best products of Exide that offers you long battery life with the latest technologies. Visit our shop to know Exide Inva Master Battery 150Ah price and get a lot of discounts on the price. If you have an old battery, then you can also get a discount on the price of the new battery.

This battery is very low maintenance, and you need to worry about the top-ups very less compared to other batteries in the market. This tall tubular battery comes with a lot of features that help to use it in your home, office, car, and many other places. You can store it in any corner as it takes very low space and comes with only 46kg of weights. Buy Exide Inva Master Battery 150Ah from us to get up to 60 months of warranty, in which 36 months is free of cost.


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