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  • Warranty : 72 Months (36 Months Free of Cost + 36 Months Pro Rata)
  • Capacity : 35 Ah
  • Type : Flat Plate Battery

AMARON FLO 40B20L (35AH) Description

Amaron FLO 40B20L battery is a battery with 35AH and 12V and its part number is AAM-FLO-40B20L (Newly launched by ARBL)

ASG Dura Frame batteries are made with continuous plate making technology, punched from rolled lead sheet with refined grain Structure for better performance. Due to its optimized shape which is stamped it has the best in class conductivity and optimizes the electrical and performance requirements. Manufacturing process of ASG Dura needs 20% less energy. 

The CCA of Amaron FLO 40B20L is 360

For Cabs/Yellow boards/commerical vehicles/meter taxis warranty is only 12 months as per company warranty clause.

The main advantage of Amaron FLO 40B20L is that it has the same fitment as that of OEM battery.

The part number of OEM battery is 34B19L or 34B20L or 38B20L which is 32 / 35 AH. In refernce to OEM battery 34B19L / 34B20L / 38B20L, the reccommended battery is Amaron FLO 40B20L which is 35 AH.

Rs 150/- has to be paid additionally if the purchase of AMARON FLO 40B20L is against OEM fitment battery or 32 AH battery.



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