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Amaron AAM-CR-I1500D04R (150Ah)


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  • Warranty : 24 Months Full Replacement
  • Capacity : 150 Ah
  • Type : Flat Plate Battery

Inverters are one of the most essential investments to take on. My Battery Shop presents before you the high-quality batteries from Amaron. One of the best picks from the brand is the Amaron AAM-CR-I1500D04R (150Ah). Along with the warranty of 24 months, this inverter battery requires zero maintenance. It means the water losing tendency of the battery is extremely low. Thus, investing in the product is a wise and fruitful task to take on. Moreover, we offer you to relish an inclusive discount on the Amaron AAM-CR-I1500D04R (150Ah) price. The weight of this battery is around 50kg, which makes it easier to move around to the corners. 

Besides having the features of fast charging, it also has a high cranking power. Regardless to mention, the materials that have been used in the battery made it powerful and durable. The best trait of the product is that the power reserve of the battery is extremely high. Therefore, utilizing the battery allows relishing a longer service, unlike other devices. As the product has an amazing feature called harmonic distortion, it serves noiselessly. If you have an old inverter battery at home, you can hassle-freely exchange it when you buy Amaron AAM-CR-I1500D04R (150Ah) online from My Battery Shop.

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