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ALTIMA AL14500 145Ah Tubular Battery


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  • Warranty : 48 Months (24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro Rata )
  • Capacity : 145 Ah
  • Type : Tubular Battery

These days, power cuts have become a chief issue in the daily schedule. My Battery Shop has brought before you an amazing collection of inverter batteries from Altima. With the Altima AL14500 (145Ah), you get to savor the warranty of 48 months. Moreover, owing to its sturdy body, the water-losing tendency of the battery is very little. Therefore, your worries concerning the maintenance charge are about to end with the Altima AL14500 (145Ah). To make your purchase more economical, we offer you a massive discount on the Altima Battery 145Ah Price. The coated valves of the battery prevent any fume leakage.

One of the top features of the product includes its excellent backup timing. For instance, with the 145 Ah power loading capacity, a fully charged Altima AL14500 (145Ah) can serve you with four fans, two tube lights, a personal computer as long as 4 to 5 hours. Due to the super lightweight of the product, it is easy to install. However, if you pick our website to buy Altima AL14500 (145Ah) tubular inverter battery online, we will provide you a free installation service.  The electrolyte indicator on the top of the battery helps to monitor the level.

  • Tubular technology
  • Excellent battery backup

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