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ALTIMA 24000T Tubular Battery (36+36 Month Warranty)


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  • Warranty : 72 Months (36 Months Free of Cost + 36 Months Pro Rata)
  • Capacity : 240 Ah
  • Type : Tall Tubular Battery

My battery Shop offers you high-grade authentic inverter batteries from the brand of Altima. One of the finest battery from the battery is the ALTIMA 24000T 240Ah. The mentioned battery a 240 Ah power loading capacity, which is suitable to install in larger households. The battery is also to utilize at commercial places. You can expect an uninterrupted power supply straight for 7 to 8 hours with such a huge capacity. Apart from having such massive capacity, the battery provides you with fast charging feature. It acquires full power load in a few hours and reserves it for the utmost time. Moreover, its anti-corrosion body allows it to last long. When you buy ALTIMA 24000T 240Ah tubular battery online from us, you get a fair dealing on its MRP.

The battery itself comes with a warranty of 36 months. If you take the Pro Rata along with the ALTIMA 24000T 240Ah tubular battery price, you get an extra warranty of 36 months. However, if you have an old inverter battery, we can assist you in exchanging the product and get a reduction on the price of the new battery. For further details, make sure to contact us.

ALTIMA 24000T Tubular Battery (36+36 Month Warranty)

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