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  • Warranty : 36 Months (18 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)
  • Capacity : 160 Ah
  • Type : Tall Tubular Battery

Livguard VAVE VFP 1536 comes with a great warranty period. It offers a total of 36 months of warranty. Out of these 36 months, 18 months are pro-rata. This product is a tall tubular battery. You can easily browse our website and see the Livguard Battery 150Ah Price. We offer the best prices on the products on our website. The expected life of the product is 750-850 cycles, and its capacity is 160 Ah. It is also a flat plate battery. The product is composed of extra-thick plates, thereby giving credence to its durability. It is also made out of a special composition of alloy which, makes its maintenance hassle-free.

You can always browse through our website, and buy Livguard VAVE VFP 1536 (150Ah) Inverter Battery Online. You can rest be assured that we offer genuine products, and also offer free delivery. You can either pay us online or you can also avail the option of cash on delivery. 

  • 160 Ah flat plate battery
  • Low power applications
  • Expected life: 750-850 cycles
  • Warranty: 36 months (18 months pro-rata)

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